Shag steps learned on the Carnival Fantasy Cruise-----


S&L Super Bowl shuffle-4 single steps then kick, kick, kick and step.  End with a female turn.  Make sure that on each kick that you get a little distance from your partner.



Do Dah female turn-1&2, 3& do dah,kick/brush 5, kick ball change to 6, (Male steps slightly left and faces the slot), female turn.  Variation three do dahs &4, 5,6.



Sea slide- female turn in front, male turn down the side Slot with change to right hand lead, female turn with male turn switch hands low, hook behind 5 step with 6 and slide


Drunken sailor-sailor shuffle to the 4 count 5 kick, kick ball change.  At that point you do additional kick ball changes or hook and steps.  Then female turn in place with male turn in place.